10 Baltic Cities – Estonia (Tallinn) – Russia (St. Petersburg) – Finland (Helsinki & Porvoo) – Germany (Wismar & Berlin) – Denmark (Copenhagen) – Sweden (Nynashamn, Stockholm & Malmo), Starting from AED 3550


  10 Baltic Cities – Estonia (Tallinn) – Russia (St. Petersburg) – Finland (Helsinki & Porvoo) – Germany (Wismar & Berlin) – Denmark (Copenhagen) – Sweden (Nynashamn, Stockholm & Malmo) 
from AED 3550 from AED 3550
1. 7 nights cruise on M/V Empress.
2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the cruise.
3. Unlimited snacks and beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, spirits, tea/coffee, juice and aerated water etc.) during the cruise.
4. One Indian dish per meal.
5. All onboard public entertainments on cruise.
6. Special invitation for Gala Dinner by Captain.
7. Use of Kids club and its activities.
8. Port charges (US$ 385) &  collectable taxes.

1. Any onboard payables such as Spa, Beauty Saloon, Laundry, Medical facilities, Internet/Wi-Fi, telephone, food at Wu Fusion etc.
2. Tips (onboard tips US$ 90 per person & shore excursion Euro 3 – full day or /2 – half day), gratuities, and anything of personal nature.
3. Cost of visas fees, /travel documents.
4. Lunch during shore excursions.
5. All shore excursions and transfers as per itinerary.
6. Pre-cruise accommodation at Tallinn.

Free Russian Visa (with shore excursion) – Only Schengen visa needed

All Inclusive 8 days Cruise with all food & drinks (incl unlimited alcoholic drinks) onboard

Detailed ItineraryCosts (Per Person)Your QuestionsConditions
Day 1 - Fly to Tallinn (Estonia)

Take a convenient flight and fly down to Tallin (Estonia)

Tallinn Among the Baltic Capitals you visit during your cruise, Tallinn – the capital city of Estonia is known as the Jewel of the Baltic. After the Second World War, the city was rebuilt to recover its past might and glory which is quite evident in its ambiance – the mix of Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic and Russian styles.

Estonia is a Schengen Visa Territory

Tallinnk Express Hotel A 163 room, modern hotel located in Tallinn’s city centre, near the passenger port and only a 10-minute walk away from picturesque Old Town, Tallink Express Hotel’s service includes, café ExpressCafé, a conference room, a business corner, a big car park, a children’s playground, and free wireless Internet throughout the entire building.

Rest of the day free for you to relax.

Free transfer at Tallinn – We provide a free transfer for all staff passengers at Tallinn Airport however kindly note that the coach departs Tallinn Airport at 4.00pm from International Terminal. Those wish to take this may register your name and ensure that they arrive at International terminal by 3.45pm.

Day 2 - Tallinn & Cruise

Breakfast at hotel.

Tallinn tour – 4 hrs (Optional) After breakfast you will be met by Hudson & Parker Tour Hostess at hotel reception. Our tour of Tallinn starts with a leisure drive to Kadriog National Park – originally founded by Piter the Great in honor of his wife Katerina, leaving a legacy to Tallinn’s recreation facilities.  We continue to Song Festival Grounds – a magnificent amphitheater that seats about 300,000 where the National Music Festival conducts every year. The tour will take us through the beautiful residential quarters of Pirita, covered with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches, to St. Bridget Convent. Passing Summer Residence of Count Orlov and the beautiful statue of Russalka – one of the most famous monuments in Estonia, we continue our excursion to the Old City – a UNESCO declared a World Heritage – witnessing many outstanding architectures, modern hotels and shops. Then we drive to the top of Tallinn’s highest part of the city, where you can have a Panoramic View of the elegant city of Tallinn, with its winding cobblestoned streets. At the top we explore the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which was built in 1900 which has the largest dome in Tallinn. The tour will continue to the lower parts of the city visiting the Town Hall Square, which was a City Market for centuries. We will have the opportunity to see the Tallinn’s most famous symbol, – The Gothic Town Hall.  Before we heading to cruise port, you will have some time for souvenir shopping.

Check-in After the city tour of Tallinn we will be boarding the Cruise for our 8 days Baltic Cruise.

Cruise Directress Upon completing the check-in formalities, you will be introduced to your Cruise Directress who will be your first point of contact onboard for the next 8 days.

Baggage Your checked-in baggage will be delivered to your designated cabin by the ship crew within 30 minutes of check-in.

Hudson & Parker Service Desk will be located onboard (next to reception area) which will be operational daily at different schedules, always at your service.  

Welcome aboard! Cruise staff will welcome you at the port and help you expedite any necessary paperwork for check-in. Upon check-in, you will be issued ship ID card which will be your entry keys to the ship as well as your pre-assigned State Cabin. Access to all border points/immigration will be done with this ID (you don’t need to carry your passport around).

Depart Tallinn:  With starboard siren, we set out on our 8 days cruise through Baltic Sea, covering all major Baltic Capitals. Why don’t we all go have a cocktail while our ship Empress sails into the deep blue sea, leaving the Tallinn shorelines behind?

Free day Rest of the day free for you to enjoy various activities onboard broad way show. Disco, bars and restaurants (Indian cuisine subject to availability)

Overnight sail to St. Petersburg (Russia)

Day 3 - St. Petersburg (Russia)

8-10am Breakfast

11.00am Ships docks at Port

11.30pm Shore excursion

7.00pm Return to ship

9.00pm Dinner onboard

Grand tour of St. Petersburg – Part I: (7 hrs) (Optional) Today we set out on a tour exploring the most beautiful and the most elegant European city – the famous St. Petersburg. We start our tour, with a photo stop at Spit of Vasilievsky Island, flanked by two Rostral Columns originally lighthouses, guiding ships through the busy port of St. Petersburg, in olden days. There you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Neva River in its widest part. In front of you is the Peter and Paul Fortress, the first structure of the city with Peter and Paul Cathedral, designed by Domenico Tresini, at the Centre – built between 1713 and 1732. The spire of the church is 404 feet high, topped by an angel holding a cross. This weather-vane is one of the most prominent symbols of St Petersburg –  the highest building in the city.

Our next stop will be Nevsky Street – the most famous street in entire Russian Federation. It is lined with magnificent palaces, churches, theatres and is the main shopping area of St. Petersburg. We continue our tour with a stop at St. Isaac’s Square dominated by the majestic Saint Isaac Cathedral. On the way back, we pass the Decembrists Square – alludes to December 1825 when liberal-minded army officers attempted to stage a coup d’état against the Tsar. The square is animated by a superb sculpture – the magnificent equestrian statue of Peter the Great. The statue is known as the Bronze Horseman after Alexander Pushkin’s famous poem. Newlyweds often pose for photographs by the statue.


Day 4 - St. Petersburg (Russia)

8.00am Breakfast

8.30am Shore excursion

1.00pm Lunch

5.00pm Return to ship

Grand tour of St. Petersburg – Part II: (8 hrs). (Optional) Today we are going to explore the suburbs of St. Petersburg – through the splendid Residences of the Russian Tsars. We start our tour with a visit to the famous Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar’s Village) – surrounded by a romantic park with mysterious arbors, pavilions, grottoes and statues. This palace-and-park ensemble is an exquisite monument of Russian art from the most famous architects, painters, craftsmen, gardeners and sculptors – created for the most magnificent and richest residences of Europe. Empresses Catherine I, Elizabeth and Catherine II who owned the palace in the 18th century paid much attention to its construction and decoration. The palace’s interiors reflect various art styles, mainly, Baroque and Classicism. You start the tour of the palace from the Great staircase by Monighetty which takes you to the state rooms on the first floor. The interior consists of golden corridors, an opulent décor of the Great Hall, gilded carvings and the vast ceiling painting. The gold seems to flow around the room – which was lit with 696 candles set in sconces in front of the mirrors, ornamented in gold. Then the Amber Room – once considered to be one of the “Eighth Wonders of the World”.– an 11-foot-square hall walled with amber and other semiprecious stones and worth $142 million in today’s dollars. The 1400 acres of grounds are dotted with charming pavilions set around the central lake – a romantic landscape is animated with the neo-gothic admiralty, Chesma column, Turkish bath, Marble Bridge, Chinese pagoda, the Grotto pavilion and the Hermitage pavilion.

After the tour of the Catherine Palace we continue to Peterhof with an en route lunch at one of the best local restaurants. A one hour drive will take you to Peterhof – an immensely luxurious royal estate, lying on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, a combination of several palaces and parks, often called the “Capital of Russian fountains” and “the Russian Versailles”. The estate was founded by Peter the Great in 1710 and was initially intended by Peter the Great as a resting place en route to the Imperial naval base at Kronshtadt. But the Tsar was quick to recognize the attractiveness of the area and masterminded a vast estate intended to rival the famous gardens of Versailles. The Grand Cascade, which goes downhill from the palace towards the Baltic Sea, is one of the largest fountain ensembles in the world comprising 64 fountains and 37 statues. It is difficult to imagine a more gorgeous effect – the water from the fountains cascading in broad sheets among gilt statues and bas-reliefs. Some of the fountains by their interweaving jets form baskets from the midst of which water tulips shoot up. From the Grand Cascade’s largest fountain, the Samson, a channel goes through the park to the pier. The park also features numerous pavilions and small palaces, amongst which is Peter the Great’s favorite – Monplaisir. Built by the architects Braunstein, Leblond and Zemtsov between 1714 and 1725, Montplaisir sits right on the sea shore and used to provide the perfect vantage point for Peter to spend hours watching the ships sail by. Among the park’s other pavilions are the Hermitage, designed and built specifically for holding Imperial dinner parties, and the two-story residential Marly Palace, surrounded by several ponds filled delicious fish for the Tsar’s table.

Day 5 - Helsinki (Finland)

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Docks at Helsinki

9.30am Helsinki & Provoo Tour

3.00pm Return to ship

Lunch onboard

4.00pm Overnight sail to Stockholm

9.45pm Dinner

Helsinki & Provoo    5½ hrs  (Optional) Today we are going to explore the city of Helsinki and medieval town of Porvoo. We start our tour with the main highlights of Helsinki City – the harbor, the Senate Square with photo stop and free time for shopping, at the Market Square. Before leaving the city you will visit two of the most famous sights in Helsinki – the highly unusual Rock Church and Sibelius Park where you can see the famous Steel Tube Monument to the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Then we drive along the countryside to Finland’s second oldest town, Porvoo, where you can witness the architectural history of Finland in its low small houses, picturesque yards and narrow streets forming a historically unique wooden town milieu. Porvoo’s trademark is the red warehouses on the riverbanks – your guided walk along the riverbank will give the stories of seafaring and trading. Later you will have some free time for wonder around and shop in the old town with delightful shops and craftsmen’s workshops before rejoining the motor coach for your transfer back to the ship.

Day 6 - Stockholm (Sweden)

Shore time (9.00am – 8.00pm)

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Docks at Nynashamn

9.30am Grand Tour of Stockholm & Skansen (4 hrs)

1.30pm Return to ship

Lunch onboard

8.00pm Overnight sail

9.45pm Dinner

Stockholm and Skansen   4 hrs (Optional) We start with a panoramic drive from the pier, witnessing the City Hall, where the banquet of the Nobel Prizes is celebrated every December. The tour will show us the interesting city of Stockholm, from the Royal Palace up to the most historical part, big legacy of the Baroque. Visit the exteriors of the Royal Palace, the official residence of the King. With 608 rooms, the Royal Palace is the biggest of the world used by a monarch at present, King Carl Gustav. The bus will lead us to Gamla Stan, the oldest part of the city. In Skeppsbron, we will admire the elegant mansions of the 15th century once built by the rich merchants of the era. We will have free time for shopping or to explore the heart of the city. Stockholm – built on 14 islands and therefore the entire city is surrounded with water… We will then visit the Skansen Museum on the Island of Djurgården. Founded in 1891, Skansen is one of the most popular attractions in Stockholm and receives millions of visitors every year. Most of the buildings are from the 19th and early 20th century surrounded with beautiful gardens. Skansen also offers cafes, restaurants, shops and even a zoo for children. Thanks to its location, we will enjoy a beautiful view of Stockholm.

Day 7 - Full day sail

8.00am Breakfast

1.00am Lunch

9.45pm Dinner

Fun at Sea

Free day to enjoy all onboard activities (Activities subject to change)

Day 8 - Berlin (Germany)

Shore time (7.00am – 8.00pm)

7.00am Docks at Wismar  8.00am Breakfast

8.30am Tour of Berlin

1.00pm Lunch

6.00pm Return to ship

6.00pm Overnight sail to Malmo

9.45pm Dinner

The best of Berlin 11 hrs (Optional) Today we set out to experience the German Capital City – Berlin. Our tour starts with photo stop at Charlottenburg Palace, build for Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte, and extended for Frederick the Great – Prussia´s legendary king. Driving pass the famous Victory Column, the Bellevue Palace, and Tiergarten Park you will have a unique photo opportunity at the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building (German parliament). See the architectural highlight the Potsdam Square. From here we proceed to East Germany – the East German part. Our first stop will be Checkpoint Charlie – the former border crossing between East and West and see the remaining part of old Berlin Wall. Driving down ‘Unter den Linden’ Boulevard you will pass other highlights of former East Berlin including the Bebel Square – where in 1933 the Nazi party held it’s infamous book burning, Museum Island, the New Synagogue in the heart of the Jewish quarter, Alexanderplatz Square and the famous Red City Hall. After a delicious German Buffet Lunch with authentic German Beer we proceed to the western part of the city to the lively Kurfurstendamm, brimming with shops, restaurants, theatres and galleries. On our way back we will pass by the Emperor William Memorial Church and the Europa Center. You will have time to spend at KaDeWe, Berlin’s famous department store before heading back to port.

Day 9 - Malmo, Lund & Copenhagen - (Sweden/Denmark)

7.00am Breakfast onboard

8.000am Arrive Malmo and Check-out

9.00am Grand Tour of Malmo. Lund and Copenhagen

Grand Tour of Malmo & Copenhagen 3½ hrs (Optional) We start with a panoramic drive through Sweden’s third largest city: Malmö. We will make a photo stop at the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia; the magnificent Turning Torso. This fantastic building was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and measures impressive 190 meters. It was inaugurated in 1995. At this location we will also have a great view of the Öresund Bridge which connect the countries of Sweden and Denmark. Next we continue to Lund which is located approx 30 minutes from Malmö. Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. In fact the town was Danish from the beginning, and became Swedish territory in 1658! Today Lund is known as a vibrant University City with many students. Among the Lund’s attractions is the Cathedral which is located in the very heart of the town. Centre. Lund Cathedral was consecrated in 1145, and contains many well-known artefacts and features of considerable historical interest. Since then service has been held here every day for almost 900 years. Today over 700 000 persons visit the church each year with some 85 000 who attends a service. There is the magnificent horological artistic masterpiece, Horologium mirabili Lundense, dating from 1424 within the Cathedral. This early time and dating machine is still in working order with it rotating mechanical figures marking the passage of time. The Crypt is yet guarded by the figure of Giant Finn. Thereafter we will continue on a guided walk through Lund. En route you will pass the charming town Centre with cobble stones and the small houses. Many of the buildings belongs to the Lund University. You will also pass the lovely botanical garden, which has existed in Lund since 1690. Around 1860 it was moved to its present location and today there are over 7 000 species grown on 8 hectares (20 acres) in the heart of Lund.

Copenhagen has a special charm that attracts visitors from around the world. For those who desire a brief introduction to this delightful city, this drive is ideal. Throughout centuries Danish monarchs have erected lasting monuments which today give the town its old-world charm and this city drive gives a presentation of Copenhagen as a residential city – the tour goes through the oldest and most charming parts of the city. You will be passing Christiansborg, Holmen´s Church from the 16th century, used for the Queens wedding, The Town Hall, Tivoli Gardens and Rosenborg Castle. You will discover amazing buildings like the Old Stock Exchange. This particular construction, dating back to the days of Christian IV, has a green copper roof with a famous spire composed of four intricately intertwined dragons’ tails. You will have the chance to take a picture at Amalienborg Palace (exterior view only) today used as the winter residence of the Royal Family. The complex consists of four equal-sized rococo palaces situated on one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. You will pass by Nyhavn. This famous colourful and lively waterfront district was once the favorite haunt for sailors. Today the canal district is lined with 400-year-old gabled houses, pavement cafes and bars. Author Hans Christian Andersen lived at three different addresses along the Nyhavn canal. Take a picture at Gefion Fountain, Copenhagen’s famous fountain, set amidst the parkland of the Kastellet and learn about the legend of how Sjealand was created. No visit to Copenhagen is complete without seeing the city’s most famous sculpture: The Little Mermaid. This beautiful dame was completed in 1913 and since then it is placed by the sea as a Denmark’s symbol. Depending on whether embarking or disembarking in Copenhagen, the tour ends on the boat or at the airport.

4.00pm Drop off at Copenhagen airport.

Take a convenient flight back to Dubai


Cost per person in AED

Details Inside Cabin Outside Cabin Jr. Suite with Balcony
Adult 3rd


Teen Child Adult 3rd


Teen Child Adult 3rd


Teen Child
Cruise + Port charges 3550 2650 1750 1550 3890 2790 1890 1790 4350 2150 2350 2150
Tallinn hotel  – 10th Jul 250 250 150 100 250 250 150 100 250 250 150 100
Shore excursions (includes Russian visa worth Dhs 650) 2550 2550 2250 1950 2550 2550 2250 1950 2550 2550 2250 1950
3rd/4th persons – 3rd or 4th persons sharing cabin with an existing 2 members. Teen (Age 12 -17 years.) Child (2-11 yrs).  Infant – below 6 months to 2 years pay only AED 980. Max capacity per cabin will be 4 including infants (Jr. Suite – only 3). All cabins will have a minimum charge of 2 adults (even it’s occupied by 2 children) Inter-connected cabins are available for families/groups.
What should I do with my luggage?
Our staff will deliver your luggage to your cabin, usually within 2 hours after boarding. Do not forget to label your luggage and to take with you all your medicines, jewelry and any personal valuable items.
Medical Service?
There is always a resident doctor on board and nursing staff who can assist you during consultation hours or at any time in case of emergency. Our medical facility is equipped with the most frequently-used medicines, clinical supplies and surgery equipment for emergencies. Your cruise includes a medical care insurance plan however it will cover only medical assistance and evacuation in case of emergency. We recommend you to take proper travel insurance with full medical coverage in case of any eventualities.
Service Charges?
On all ships and as a general rule, the service charges are billed at the end of the cruise. This money goes to the service staff that has attended you during the cruise. To facilitate this step, these charges will be added to your final bill which can be paid in cash or with a credit card.
Food & Drinks Included?
Your cruise is inclusive of all food both A La Carte & Buffet Restaurants (except Wu Fusion), day and night. You may even enjoy midnight snack and open buffet. All alcoholic beverages (except Premium Drinks), all cocktails, coffee, water, cold drinks are included.
Pre/Post Cruise hotel?
Hudson & Parker provides complementary pre-cruise hotel in Tallin with transfers.
How should I to dress on board?
Most people think that you must be impeccably dressed at all times while on board. The Gala Dinner is a special occasion – women may wear a cocktail dress or suit, and men can wear a suit and tie. Nevertheless, if you like dressing formally we can assure you won’t be the only one. You can also dress a bit more casually, however please note that bathing suits and shorts are not allowed in our dining areas after 7:00 p.m. Please bring suitable footwear such as trainers and sportswear if you are planning to practice any kind of sport. We offer a nightly laundry service at very reasonable prices.
Do I need money on board?
The prices on board are in Euros. At the end of your cruise you can pay for your onboard expenses in cash or with any major credit card. During the cruise to avoid having to carry your money and cards, we will provide you with a card with which you can pay for all your extras on board. For this purpose, at the start of your cruise you must open a credit account funded by your credit card or a cash deposit. The day before disembarking you must settle your account, you may choose to pay in cash or charge it to the credit card.
Ports of Call?
Ports of Call The ports of call and excursions are the ideal complement to your cruise. You can visit the ports of call on your own or take part in an impeccable program of excursions, all in Spanish, that must be reserved and paid for onboard. Upon arriving at the port, the local authorities will go through the formalities so the passengers can disembark; this process lasts approximately 30 minutes. At all the ports you can come and go from the ship as often as you like, accredited with a card for this purpose, but remember that the limit for boarding is always 30 minutes before the departure time (local time).

Hudson & Parker Leisure has given utmost care and attention to maintain the quality of service on all programs, however, will not take any responsibility, while acting as an agent on behalf of various service providers involved in this program. Hudson & Parker Leisure nor the owners, nor any agent, supplier or person contracted, shall be liable for any loss whatsoever, damage to baggage and property, inconvenience, delay, cancellation, deviation, alteration, sickness, injury or death whether such loss be a result of negligence, weather, political or anything. Kindly take note of this before proceeding with the reservation of any program. Programs & service mentioned here are as per current information available, to the best of our knowledge and judgment. We reserve all rights to change, alter or cancel, any program or service, in part or full, without notice, in case of situation arises, which can affect the safety & security of the passengers. No refund or compensation will be provided for any un-serviced part of program. All members are requested to take necessary insurance to cover such eventualities.